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A Brief Summary of the DMC Delorean

 The DMC DeLorean was started by John DeLorean, and was the first and only car produced by the DeLorean Motor Company located in Detroit, Michigan. Because DeLoreans became a permanent fixture in automobile history, this website is centered on DeLoreans, and will discuss highlights from DeLorean’s history. The concept of DeLoreans was inspired by Mr. DeLorean in the late 1970’s. The objective was to create a vehicle, namely a sport’s car that was able to accommodate large stature people. Mr. DeLorean also wanted to create a distinct vehicle, one with advanced features. In doing so, the DeLorean was designed with gull winged doors and a stainless steel exterior.

 The 1981 DeLorean attracted a lot of attention. No other vehicle had the uniqueness of the DeLorean. The car was manufactured in Ireland, but was primarily for the American market. Nonetheless, drivers and car fans in other countries were also awestruck with the DeLorean. Because DeLoreans included left side steering wheels, the vehicle could not be promoted in countries that required right side steering wheels. In spite of this, the United Kingdom was able to get hold of 23 DeLoreans, each especially customized for driving on the left hand side of the road. Sadly, inadequate funds forced the DeLorean Motor Company to close its doors in 1983.

 DeLorean’s popularity throughout the early 1980’s continues into present day. For this matter, numerous clubs, discussion forums, magazines, and organizations indulge DeLorean owners. Additionally, hobbyists can put together their own replica with a DeLorean kit car. Furthermore, a number of auto businesses focus attention on creating and designing custom DeLoreans, and selling original DeLoreans and their parts. Even more, there are mechanical shops, such as DeLorean’s Houston service department, that employs mechanics qualified to repair DeLoreans. These mechanics are also experts in DeLorean body work.

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